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Custom Rollover Modifications

Please Note:
 These modifications can be performed by the customer to customize the Rollover Style Stock to suit individual tastes.  However, we do not offer these "hand shaping" services.

 Listed Below are some basic suggestions as to 
what can be done with the custom rollover if so desired.

1)    To convert this style into a Monte Carlo:  Using a wood rasp, remove the rollover, round the top of the comb, and drop the heel by 1/4".

2)    To convert this style into a Modern Classic:  Using a wood rasp, cut down the high comb 5/8" below the bore line, and rasp back the grip 1/4" for a "Swept Grip."

3)    For iron sights:  Rasp down the high comb.

4)    Grip can be swept back:  See Modern Classic Style.   Or, it can be hooked more severely:  See Sportster Style.

5)    Designed for installing Neidner Steel Grip Cap and Butt Plate.  Click here for Illustration.

6)    Includes Palm Swell.   It can be removed if desired.

7)    Forearm is semi-oval in shape, enabling the customer to rasp off the sides to make a completely rounded or flat forearm.

8)    Flutes on the comb can be removed for a smoother look.  Click here for Illustration.

9)    Dealers can carry less inventory, as many of the sporter stock styles available can be shaped from the Custom Rollover design.

10)   Designed to allow for the cheekpiece to be rasped off.  This will result in more of a factory looking stock which can be used ambidextrously for left or right hand shooters. 

11)   Rollover can be rasped off to achieve a variation in appearance to suit individual tastes.  Click here for Illustration.